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where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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My story

With the need of keeping me, a very restless and awaken little girl busy, my grandmother decided to teach me, how to thread the needle, cut and sew dresses, aprons and washcloths ...


Among garden flowers, petunias and the smell of lavender she enjoyed the afternoons listening to the stories of the neighbors who visited home... that is how the passion for fabrics, textures, aromas and colors arose in me, weaving together stories that I enjoy so much to date ...

My paternal great-grandmother inherited me her Singer machine made in 1921.

Naturalli was born, in the fall of 1991, among flower essences, sachets, new fabrics, fabulous designs, various textures, and a great need to create well-being and harmony, while planning the arrival of my daughter.

... Your home is a reflection of your inner being ...


Welcome to the world of wellness and decoration!


Gabriela A.


Always welcoming new opportunities! 

+44 7523689839

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